Empire - A tactical multiplayer game

I’ve been quite busy the last two days programming a game. It’s a multiplayer tactical space strategy game. It it being written in C# (I use the mono framework, a nice piece of software ;) ). Rendering done with Tao.OpenGl. Most of the work went on the server side which is starting to look quite good. The communication framework is finished. I hacked out the pixmaps with the gimp in a few minutes, that’s why they look .. errm, the way they look.

Here’s a quick video of what’s coming out of the client side (the game universe is of course generated on the server).

There is still a lot of work until it gets playable. I’d love to get a bit of manpower though. So, if you are interested in working in a game, (coder/graphical designer), contact me ASAP.

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