Cloudscape - Version 1.1

November 1st, 2010

Cloudscape has been updated into version 1.1

It now features configuration options such as the number of clouds as well as a new background (of course, you can switch between either backgrounds in the options).


CloudScape - Live Wallpaper for Android

October 18th, 2010

Cloudscape has just been published.

Enjoy your phone with CloudScape, a wonderful live wallpaper. Be fulfilled by calm and inner peace as you watch clouds drifting by. Scroll between your home screens and feel the depth of Cloudscape. You will soon have a new favorite mobile companion.

  • Designed for aesthetic balance
  • Made to be light in memory
  • Works with Android 2.1 & later

In order to download it, click here with android or scan the qr code to access it in the market. Cloudscape costs only 0.70€

Empire - A tactical multiplayer game

June 24th, 2007

I’ve been quite busy the last two days programming a game. It’s a multiplayer tactical space strategy game. It it being written in C# (I use the mono framework, a nice piece of software ;) ). Rendering done with Tao.OpenGl. Most of the work went on the server side which is starting to look quite good. The communication framework is finished. I hacked out the pixmaps with the gimp in a few minutes, that’s why they look .. errm, the way they look.

Here’s a quick video of what’s coming out of the client side (the game universe is of course generated on the server).

There is still a lot of work until it gets playable. I’d love to get a bit of manpower though. So, if you are interested in working in a game, (coder/graphical designer), contact me ASAP.

Home Studio

June 18th, 2007

While taking a break during my exams, I started to play around with some music recording tools.

My experience with such tools had always been very frustrating. I actually never really managed to get what I wanted. Usually because the workflow imposed on me by the software just brought me into positions where I had to do the same thing again and again. I had tried stuff by the past, mostly on the Microsoft Windows platform, most of the software was hard to use. Although there were some nice software, none if it worked together. Even worse, without pro hardware, there were high latencies between what came in what what was actually recorded.

From what I’ve seen so far, most music software under Linux use the Jack audio system, that piece of software is crazy, you can route any output from any of the jack supporting software and route it to any input from any other software. All your software end up working together very closely and it’s trivial to plug an filter or any plugin anywhere you want. And actually, the experience was so pleasant that I’m sure it would make it really fun for most people interested in music. You can finally be your own “one man band“. You can have your home studio today, completely free, working in an intuitive way. I deployed a realtime kernel and latencies are around 5ms.

Of course, that wouldn’t be much use if there weren’t any good software to begin with. If you are to record music, the one that binds it all together is clearly Ardour 2. It is extemely powerful and so easy to use. It let’s you put your tracks as you want it and mix it all together.

Here are a few I also found to be quite useful:

  • Unless you are a drummer or have on by hand (and all the hardware to actually get a good recording to drums), Hydrogen will really please you. Build up the rythm, let it pour into Ardour and there you go, ready to rock!
  • Rosegarden and Zynaddsubfx are quite nice if you want to create some music without actually recording it.
  • Jamin will let you add all that loudness you need. It’s an audio mastering software.
  • LinuxSampler will also be useful for … err, sampling ;)

I’m still missing some software to simulate some guitar pre-amp and overdrive.

So, I got my guitar out of the closet, I’ll fool around sometime in the next three month and maybe try to create decent recordings of the pack of song I had composed a few years ago. Although, I’d really better not sing. It might cause armageddon fo fall early upon mankind

Anyway, watch the feed, you never know what might come out.

Beryl Wallpaper

June 14th, 2007

Just publishing a “beryl themed” wallpaper I did some time ago.

Everdusk news just opened

June 14th, 2007

Alright, will keep you up to date about what’s happening on everdusk.

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